What does our Direct Mail Maximizer do? Increase the response to your direct mail campaign, Identify anonymous visitors to your website and market directly to them, super charge your political marketing campaign, to name just a few. We use marketing tools to increase the response to your marketing project as well as identify who is ready to respond to your offer or service.

We place your message in marketing channels before, during and after your direct mail project is delivered and we do this for just a fraction of the postage. Watch your message/offer acceleate and perform in real time, lifting the response rate 23-46%.



Please visit our DM Max website at Direct Mail Maximizer


Some of the tools we use are:



                                                                       Informed Delivery ®

With Informed Delivery® integration, your mailing piece will be enhanced with a clickable full color ad within the greyscale email preview sent by the USPS every morning. You will also be able to track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened geographically!







                                                                                 Call Tracking

The call tracking feature of DirectMail2.0 allows you to track exactly how many calls you receive from each campaign and allows you to listen to recordings of these phone calls to ensure their reception and sales process is running smoothly. Calls are directed to your business phone but recorded and tracked through call tracking software.





                                                                                 Mail Tracking


The mail tracking feature shows you the the predicted date for mail delivery, as well as the actual delivery dates. This gives you the ability to line up additional staff as needed. It also is a simple tool to assure you mail was delivered as promised.





                             Online Follow-up

Yous get the added benefit of our partnership with the Google network. When prospects receive their mail piece and go to your website, but do not take action like filling out a web form or purchasing online, they are captured through our online follow-up system. Then when the prospect leaves your website and browses elsewhere, your ads show up directing them back to your website. Ads are shown through the Google network on over a million websites, including CNN.com and Dictionary.com 




                             Social Media Follow-up

DM MAX has gone SOCIAL! Take your online follow up even further with our new addition of social media follow up through Facebook! Keep your business in front of your prospects everywhere they go! Facebook has just reached its record high 1.65 billion monthly active users and this number is climbing every day. This new Social Media Follow-Up feature ensures that you truly achieve maximum exposure to those people interested in your product or service.  





SocialMatch is your mailing list’s new best friend. We can now take your mailing list and MATCH them with their Facebook and Instagram user accounts. Now your target market will see your ad on their Facebook & Instagram newsfeed BEFORE the mail piece even reaches mailboxes and without them having to even visit your website. On average, we can match 40-60% of all mailing lists—including B2B! (Business to Business)     




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